Top Five Zip Lining Accidents

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Okay folks, today you are in for a special treat.  Today we are going to run down through the top five zip line accident videos on the internet.  We’re going to be breaking everything down, and poking fun at some of the victims…I know it’s not right but what can you do really?  I mean, we’re all just human right.  It’s our natural instinct to point and laugh when we see someone mess up…but yes it does suck when it’s you.  OH WELL!

Number 1

Okay, so the first video is a young girl who is happily zip lining across a lake.  It looks like a fun ride and at first you think her feet are going to hit that nearby tree when she’s coming into the landing platform, but she clears it with ease.  Then, you think that as a result of her coming in so hot that she is going to fly right into the tree that’s at the end of the zip line, and she almost does, but she swings back like a pendulum and starts traveling the other way.  This is where a spectator jumps in and tries to grab her as she’s flying back towards the lake.  The lady gets a grip of the girls leg but then flies off the end of the platform.  You can see her body disappear behind a small hill as she flies off the platform.  The people standing near her are quite concerned and rush to her aid and she is okay.  The main lesson here is to have a proper brake block kit installed on your zip line so that the ride comes to a complete stop and you can easily avoid situations like this one.   A simple brake block kit would have avoided this whole mess.  Other than that, this looks like a really fun zip line and I would love to give it a try.

Okay well this is embarrassing, I just ran through that whole buildup and now I can’t embed the video on the blog….Oh well just go watch it on YouTube it’s worth checking out.  So kids, that’s why you always install a brake block kit on your zip line!

Number 2

Okay, next up we have a bit of a scary type of zip line accident.  This one really shook me up and must have scared the crap out of the kid that it happened to.  But overall this one really looks a lot worse than it actually is.  What happens is there are two people traveling down a pretty long zip line, and two of the tension cables that help support the ride break and get caught on the cable.  One of the riders is okay and continues down the zip line, but the other poor kid gets stuck out in the middle of the cable and can’t move.  The camera man has some choice words for what he thinks of the situation.  This one is definitely one of the scariest in terms of fear factor, but overall there was no physical injury…but the psychological aspect is terrorizing.  Let’s watch!

Number 3

Alright now it’s time for some funny!  This next one is hilarious.  This 400 pound guy goes to launch into his zip line from a high platform above a lake and can’t hold onto the trolley.  He launches himself off of the platform and his weight makes him drop straight down like a sack of potatoes.  The guy falls flat on his back right into the lake and his buddies start laughing immediately and are all too happy to have gotten the embarrassing incident on video.  Check it out!

Wow, talk about making a splash!  That giant walrus just emptied the lake!  Woooh!  That was fun.

Number 4

Alright I can’t even lie, this next one made me cringe really hard!  This one is by far the most alarming and could have easily resulted in a serious injury or death.  It appears as if the girl is okay afterwards but the video stops abruptly so we never end up finding out exactly what happened.  So this girl climbs up a giant 30 foot ladder and prepares to zip line down the cable.  She’s super nervous and extremely reluctant to shove off and start the ride.  Her friend who is filming starts a countdown and at the count of 3 the girl shoves off the ladder and makes her attempt at the brutal challenge.  She immediately loses her grip and does a back flip in mid air and then hits the ground.  She’s still moving after the fall so it appears as if she was okay at the end of this disturbing scene.  Warning, not for the faint of heart.  Let’s take a peek.

Ouch!  It almost looks as if the handlebar just breaks right off of the trolley.  This is why it’s so important to not make cheaply put together home made zip lines.  You really need to make sure you are using the proper equipment and safety gear.  You should also use a platform to launch from, not a ladder!

Number 5

Alright last one!  In this video I have no clue what these people are attempting to do.  It APPEARS as if they are zip lining from one mountain top to another.  The zip line is setup in a horrible way and doesn’t look safe at all.  The guy gives her the okay and sends her on her way.  She launches off of the top of the mountain and everything seems to be going well until you hear the scream.  She can tell that she isn’t going to make it and anticipates the crash.  She builds up a huge amount of speed and ends up zip lining right into the side of a mountain.  You can tell that this one was pretty painful due to her scream and the sound that it makes when she hits the mountain.  Let’s take a look.

Owwww!  You know that that one hurt.  Next time don’t trust some random guy with your life….make that idiot go first!

Well, thanks for watching guys, that’s all we have for you today.  Stay tuned for some more great zip lining videos as next time we explore the top treehouse zip lines in the world!  Thanks for reading!


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