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Zip Line Home Kits

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A lot of people love to go zip lining, but simply can’t keep up with the expensive costs of travelling around the country and staying at hotels.  These people often end up frustrated, as they are separated from an activity which brings them great pleasure and enjoyment.  But, fear not my friends…as there is a solution.  You are now able to purchase your own zip line home kits from an online retailer and complete the installation yourself, leaving you with an amazing zip line, up to 500 feet, in your own backyard.  This is an amazing thing, that was previously unavailable to homeowners, and now supplies them with the ability to engage in adrenaline rushing activities right at their own home.  There has never been a better time to be a homeowner in this society, with all of the amazing benefits that come along with that status.  Hooking up your own backyard zip line can be fun and can be a nice bonding experience with your son or daughter, if they are old enough to understand basic hand tools and other connecting hardware.  The installation itself is not too difficult, and only requires some basic knowledge and experience with everyday hand tools like a come along, ladder, nylon sling, and others.  You will be using the aircraft cable, turnbuckle, slings, and cable clamps to secure the zip line to two trees.  Once that is accomplished, you simply attach the trolley and the harness (or seat) to the zip line cable and away you go.  You also may want to look into getting a zip line brake block kit if your ride is over 150 feet in length.  The brake block is a plastic block that gets fitted onto the zip line cable with the other end attached to a bungee cord that gets anchored into the ground.  When the zip line trolley comes moving down the cable it hits the brake block, which slides on the cable and the bungee cord is activated, thus bringing the trolley to a stop on the zip line cable.  This is a must have for any zip line which is going to have kids riding on it, as they may become slightly overwhelmed by the fast speeds without any ability to stop.  Alternatively, there is a trigger braking system available that you can use to stop yourself, this is actually installed right onto the zip line trolley and is activated by your finger as you are moving down the zip line.  There is a small trigger which when pressed, activates a brake pad that slows the trolley down.  These brake pads do wear out over time so it is recommended that you buy several of them when you are first setting up your zip line, to avoid complicated maintenance down the road.

Another thing that you may want to keep in mind when installing a backyard zip line, is to keep other neighborhood kids off of the ride when they are not being supervised by an adult.  We have heard some horror stories about parents being sued because some kids decided to go onto their property when they weren’t home to use their zip line and sustained an injury.  While this isn’t fair, it is a reality and could easily happen.  This is why we suggest to purchase a removable trolley, so that you can take it down off of the zip line cable when you know that you will be away from the house for a little while.  You can also buy a lock and lock the trolley on one end of the zip line cable, that way nobody can use it without the key.  This is extremely effective against keeping kids from simply wandering onto your property and using the zip line without your permission.  When you are home, however, you can let other kids from the neighborhood use the ride….just make sure that they are wearing proper safety equipment such as helmets and long sleeve clothes such as jeans.  There is no excuse for wearing shorts and no helmet and then ending up making a visit to the hospital once you have hurt yourself or someone else.

Another important reason to have parental supervision when the kids are playing on the zip line is to keep them from horsing around and getting hurt.  We all know how kids will usually take things way too far and fight with each other over whose turn it is and everything else that they can find a reason to argue about.  This is why it’s important to have an adult there who can mediate the situation and tell them whose turn it is to go on the zip line, as well as keep them in line and give them warnings about their bad behavior.  We like kids, and think that they deserve every chance to act within the guidelines given to them, but they must be disciplined when they don’t act within those specific parameters.  There is a child’s world and an adult’s world, and they must be respectful to our world just as we must be respectful towards theirs.


The Top 5 Treehouse Zip Lines

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Hello again faithful readers!  First, we would like to take a second to sincerely thank you for reading our blog on a regular basis.  We could not do this without our awesome readers and we really appreciate that you take time out of your busy schedules to engage with us about this particular passion.  We know that there are many others out there exactly like us, who really enjoy zip lining enough to make it a staple in their lives.  It’s such an important activity and we believe that it is the cornerstone to a happy life and a sense of adventure.  We live in a time that allows us the opportunity to go out and explore the world in a manner that previously didn’t exist…..too many people sit inside all day and watch television and never really get out to explore the great outdoors.  We love to explore life and actually see different environments and settings throughout the world.  This is our number 1 passion in life and we are extremely happy to share this experience with you today.

Okay, now it’s time to get into the top treehouse backyard zip lines that we were able to find on the internet.  Yes, there may be some better ones out there, but these are the ones that we have found on YouTube in our searching efforts, and have gathered them all here for your viewing pleasure.

First up, we have an amazing zip line to an even more amazing tree house.  This particular zip line is extremely high up and gives me the chills just watching the video.  The guy is super exuberant and excited to be in this position, and it’s no wonder why.  He zips across a valley and onto a platform just under an awesome looking tree house which is really high up in the trees.  I mean, look at this thing in the video…it has to be at least 50 – 75 feet high!  Wow, this is what we’re talking about, this is some fantasy land stuff right here.   I mean, did you even know that people build stuff like this….Okay, we’re getting a bit too detailed about this before you have actually seen the video so let’s watch it and then get back into the discussion.

Alright!  See what we mean?!  That thing is super high up and looks amazing!  We would really like to track this one down for ourselves and actually go and take a look at it in person, it’s that impressive.  This zip line is actually in bokeo laos and is called “The Gibbon Experience”.  One of the coolest things about this particular zip line setup is that the ladder underneath the treehouse and the little platform that you land on at the end of the ride.  You land on that little platform and then the ladder takes you up into the tree house so you’re kind of entering in through the floor.  I wish that the video was a bit longer and the guy gave us a quick tour of the treehouse as well, but no such luck.  It just goes to show you how many amazing little things there are out there in the world that you have absolutely no knowledge of….absolutely breathtaking!

Alright, this next one is a bit less impressive than the last one, but is still kind of cool to check out.  This guy has built a small tree house platform in his backyard with a zip line going to it from uphill.  This one is pretty crazy because the guy has this zip line running so close to the trees and you can see that he’s smacking leaves and branches on the way down.  I mean, you can tell that he just kind of threw this thing together.  You need to take the time to cut down the surrounding brush from your zip line before actually riding down the line.  Anyway, we like this one for it’s speed and daredevil level, as the guy is just missing trees all the way down the ride.  He also does not have a zip line brake block kit installed and is using gloves to do the braking, which is not very smart.  Lets take a look at what this crazy cook is up to in this next video.

Wow!  Get a brake block kit installed on that zip line will ya buddy!?  Man, what a close call at the end there.  This guy really needs to step up his safety game.  He still has quite a cool ride and once he builds out that treehouse a bit it will be an awesome little setup, especially for  a backyard installation.  His property is such a good location for this type of setup and is really cool the way he has it routed through the woods like that.  Very cool indeed!

Okay, now it’s time for our third video in the top backyard treehouse zip line series.  Our next video is a good example of a safe, ideal, treehouse zip line setup.  This guy has used the proper height, length, and has installed a brake block kit at the end of the ride for ultimate safety.  This one looks like it’s about 200′ long or so and starts off relatively high so it picks up quite a bit of speed for a backyard installation.  We love this zip line because it perfectly illustrates the proper installation procedures that many people ignore.  A lot of people simply think that all you have to do is secure the cable to the tree and you are done, giving little thought to actually planning out the length, cable drop, and other factors that go into properly setting up your zip line at home.  This is an ideal example of best practices to follow when setting up your own zip line at home.

See how the zip line is just the right speed and comes to a nice, easy stop at the end…Although he does have a bit of a rebound on this ride and it goes backwards for a few feet after the braking has occurred, this zip line is still a far sight better than most of the lazy installs that we have witnessed while scouring the internet for the best treehouse zip line videos.  Okay, enough of that, let’s get on with the next video.

This next video was made by a bunch of young teenagers with an intense desire to experience something truly amazing.  They have hand built a miraculous treehouse with a pretty cool zip line coming off of it.  We are so impressed by this particular setup because of the way they have constructed the trolley for the zip line out of wood and a pulley.  This was pretty smart on their part and the thing seems to work quite well for a homemade trolley.  The treehouse construction is nothing short of amazing.  You can tell that these guys really sat down and took the time to plan out their attack and gather all of the right materials and equipment necessary for this premium installation.

Wow!  Check out that architecture and design!  Amazing performance there guys, some really solid work!  I just can’t get over that home made trolley for the zip line made out of 2 x 4’s, it’s just so clever and creative, and unorthodox at the same time.  Wow, these guys really know how to throw down.  Another thing that’s so impressive about this tree house is the high quality work completed by such young adults.  These kids can’t be over 20, and are more than likely only 17 or so at the time that this video was shot.  Now that’s some dedication to treehouse technology folks, sit down and take some notes!

Okay, we really love this next tree house zip line and you’re about to see why.  This amazing little tree house is built right on top of a babbling brook, and the zip line goes from the tree house, across the brook and to the other side!  It’s such a cool idea that we just had to feature it here for our readers.  I mean, how much more fantasy land can you really get with your treehouse construction than to install it above a babbling brook.  His tree house is really nice too and even looks as if it might be multi level, and starts his zip lining right off of the roof.  This is an interesting design, as most tree house builders will install a platform that is level with the flooring of the treehouse, or give the zip line it’s own dedicating launching pad.  But this guy decided to go all out and simply install his zip line kit to a tree which is right above the roof of the tree house.  Interesting choice, let’s take a look at the video now.

See what we mean about this is a great fantasy land tree house?  With the zip line going over the babbling brook this just makes for the perfect treehouse for your imagination.  One thing that’s so cool about these treehouse projects is that it’s literally like someone is fabricating these designs directly out of human imagination.  It’s almost like they are manifesting objects that are spawned within imagination and extrapolating them into 3 dimensional reality.  This is an amazing process, and one that all of the great geniuses throughout history have mastered, from Edison to DaVinci.  Don’t underestimate treehouse building as some type of childish activity that is done by immature people who simply refuse to grow up, although that may be partially true…Tree house building takes imagination and skill that is attained on a level that is seldom matched by any other human being on this planet.  These treehouse builders are true warriors of both mind and spirit, and this zip line blog salutes them!

If you’re interested in building your own backyard zip line kits and treehouses then you must focus and make sure you have all of your proper measurements first before diving in head first.  Backyard zip lines are an extremely fun activity but it’s important that you exercise extreme safety measures before attempting to create one yourself.  Serious injury or death can occur from improper installation and unsafe operating procedures, so please make sure that you follow the instructions in a safe manner during your own personal installation.  It’s never redundant to triple check all of your zip line supplies and equipment to make sure that everything is installed and hooked up properly before beginning your ride.  Always test out the zip line with dead weight before actually running a human trial.  Also, remember to wear proper safety gear such as: helmets, knee pads, gloves, and long sleeves.  But most importantly, HAVE FUN!  Thanks for reading our blog and stay tuned for more information regarding backyard zip lining!